What Does Immanuel Mean? The Meaning of God With Us

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The meaning of Immanuel is interpreted differently by Judaism and Christianity.

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Who is Immanuel anyway?

Some may wonder so.

In this article,

The identity of Immanuel in Judaism and Christianity

will be explained in detail.

What Does Immanuel Mean?

Immanuel is a figure in the Old Testament.

His birth is prophesied in the Book of Isaiah.

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It also appears in the Gospel of Matthew in the Christian New Testament.

Immanuel is a name combining two words.

"Immanu" (with us) + "El" (God) = "God is with us."

It means something like this.

Immanuel in the Book of Isaiah

During the time of the prophet Isaiah, the kingdom of the Jews was divided into the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah.

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The "Sign" of Immanuel

Assyrian pressure increased immediately after the division of the northern and southern kingdoms.

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We follow Assyria.

Ahaz, the king of Judah, took this attitude.

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Oh my God, the king! Aram and Israel, the two major powers that oppose Assyria, have formed an alliance...

The news arrived.

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Maybe the Allied Forces are attacking...

Both the king and the people of the Kingdom of Judah were shaken by the threat of invasion.

According to the Book of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah went to King Ahaz at this time.

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Follow God and don't be afraid of the situation. Then the invasion of Aram and Israel will not be successful.

The prophet Isaiah then told King Ahaz the word from God.

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Really, are those the words of God...?

King Ahaz hesitated to accept God's words.

But in response to this attitude of the king,

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If you do not believe,

Isaiah continued with the following words.

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A virgin will conceive and bear a son named Immanuel. This will be a sign to you.

Furthermore, he continued:

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Before Immanuel is grown, both Aram and Israel will fall, and instead of the nations being devastated, Judah will be prosperous as never before.

The consequences...

Isaiah had a second son.

And then, God told him.

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To be named Maher Shalal Hash Baz (The plunder will come swiftly).

Then Isaiah said:

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By the time the child grows up, Assyria will conquer both Aram and Israel, and will overtake Judah, but the allies of the nations will not succeed in conquering Judah, because God is with us (Emmanuel).

Furthermore, he said:

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It is not the enemy army that we should fear, but God. There is no way to escape the torment and darkness, but there is hope beyond it.

In the end, however, King Ahaz did not follow Isaiah's words but followed Assyria.

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Give me another army!

He even asked for reinforcements.

As a result, both Aram and Israel were conquered by Assyria, and Judah became a vassal state and was devastated.

The Immanuel of Christianity

After the birth of Christianity,

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Immanuel refers to the Virgin Mary's virgin conception (the conception of a child while a virgin).

It came to be interpreted like this.

However, "maiden" in Isaiah should originally be translated "young daughter,"

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The virgin conception of Mary is a product of this mistranslation.

The truth is still unknown.

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It states that God will send signs to the time of King Ahaz, before the birth of Jesus. Nor does it say that Immanuel is the Savior.

For these reasons, Judaism does not consider this prophecy to be a prediction of the coming of the Messiah.

Thus, the conception of the Messiah differs among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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Incidentally, Immanuel, like Immanuel Kant, became a widely used first name for Christians.

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