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At our platform, we believe that understanding the past is crucial for making informed decisions about the future.

That's why we connect past events with contemporary ones, offering you a rich and nuanced perspective on the complex forces shaping our world.

Our platform provides accessible, understandable information for a better understanding of both the past and the present, no matter who you are.

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Rara, Representative of Media Operator

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I graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University and have since pursued various career paths, from being a full-time web designer to a freelancer (online tutor, illustrator, translator, YouTuber and more).

However, my recent focus has been on managing this website, where I aim to make every event easy to understand through my articles.

My goal is simple - to provide readers with articles that are not only informative but also fun and easy to comprehend.

Having worked in various fields like web design, tutoring, and illustrating, I've honed my skills in explaining complex topics in a simple, visual manner.

At Media Operator, we understand that the purpose of news is to deliver information to readers quickly and accurately.

However, we also know that history can often be complex and specialized, which is why we strive to combine these two seemingly opposite fields to make information more accessible and understandable than any other media outlet.

Making Complex Information Accessible

The inspiration behind UraRekishi was born from my personal experience with Wikipedia's content.

I found it difficult to understand and complicated, and I realized that there must be others who feel the same way.

That's when I decided to create a platform that simplifies complex topics and makes them accessible to everyone.

I've worked hard to achieve this goal by using boxes to summarize key points and emphasizing the design and structure of the articles.

Additionally, to make the content even more engaging and memorable, we often include speech balloons with cartoon-like figures.

In the early days, managing this media platform was extremely challenging, and we faced many obstacles.

However, with the advancements in AI in 2022, we were able to streamline our processes and operate more efficiently.

Now, I take great pleasure in expanding my own knowledge by learning about a variety of topics from all over the world.

My hope is that UraRekishi will serve as a valuable resource for people who want to deepen their understanding of complex topics and make informed decisions about the world around them.

Making History and News Accessible

Here, we're dedicated to providing informative and engaging articles on history and current events.

Our goal is to help people understand complex social studies and news topics, regardless of their age or background.

We believe that everyone deserves access to accurate and easy-to-understand information, which is why we strive to make our media accessible to as many people as possible.

By combining history with current events, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping our world.

At our media blog, we're also committed to multilingualism.

We recognize that bias still exists in online information and that there are fields where information is more readily available in certain languages.

That's why we create articles based on information sources in multiple languages, providing our readers with more detailed and nuanced information than what's typically available in other media outlets.

As a business, we're dedicated to our mission of making complex information easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

We're constantly seeking new ways to improve our content and expand our reach, so be sure to check back often for the latest news and updates.