The Messiah: Who is He?

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When you hear the word "Messiah," don't you think of a savior who will save us at the end of the world?

Of course, that image is correct, but the Messiah has many other meanings.

In this article,

Messiah from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

in detail!

Who is the Messiah?

Messiah means "the (anointed) one".

In the Old Testament,

Exodus Priest
Under Samuel King

His inauguration are described as being anointed with oil.

Later, messiah came to mean an ideal governing statesman, and then went on to refer to a divine deliverer.

The Greek translation of messiah is "Christos".

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Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah.

Christians think so.

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Jesus is the Messiah.

The name of the Messiah is "Jesus Christ" when we accept that he is the Messiah.

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Jesus is the Messiah (Masih).

Muslims also call it that, but they view it differently from Christians.

The Jewish Messiah

The literal translation of the Hebrew word "Messiah" means "anointed".

In other words, it refers to the sanctification (setting apart a person or thing as holy) of someone (or something) with holy oil.

The word messiah is often found in the Old Testament.

The word is used for a variety of people and things, including the following.

  • King of the Jews
  • Rabbi
  • prophet
  • Altar
  • Unleavened bread
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In Isaiah, Cyrus II of Achaemenid Empire, a pagan, is so called.

To learn more about Cyrus II, the first king of Achaemenid Empire, who was such a pagan messiah,

Please read this article.

Is Jesus the Messiah?

The concept of "Messiah" in the Jewish eschatology is

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Born of David's descendants, he will rebuild Israel, restore David's kingdom, and bring peace to the world.

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What kind of person is David?

If you are wondering so,

Please refer to this article.

Belief in the coming of the Messiah is important to the Jewish faith.

Those referred to as "Messiahs" in each era are interpreted differently within Judaism.

Those called "Messiahs" are considered false Messiahs by conservatives and the majority.

There were also Christians and Muslims who recognized them as Messiahs.

However, Judaism saw it as follows.

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Jesus is the false Messiah!

There are some denominations that recognize Jesus as the "Messiah".

However, such denominations are often considered by the mainstream to be a branch of Christianity, not Judaism.

The Messiah in Islam

Islam has also inherited the concept of Messiah from Judaism and Christianity.

Masih (Arabic) = Jesus

Masih refers to Jesus.

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Messenger of God (Allahu Akbar) who preceded the Prophet and Prophet Muhammad

Jesus himself is regarded so in Islam.

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Messiah sent by God.

The Muslims also recognize Jesus as the Messiah sent by God.

From the Qur'an (also known as the Koran), the Bible for Muslims,

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The "Masih" (Messiah) will emerge from the descendants of David.

Furthermore, it is said that

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The one who will save people from suffering and establish the rule of Allahu Akbar (God). He will emerge as God's agent at the time of the end of time to defeat the false Messiah.

These ideas are inherited from Jewish and Christian messianic images.

The Qur'an places Jesus as the second to last Messiah.

In the Muslim tradition,

As well as Jesus is one of the most important prophets.

In this light, Muslims  do not have the idea of Jesus as God that Christians believe.

The Qur'an says this about Jesus.

Jesus is the son of Maryam (Mary), the Messiah and Prophet sent to the Children of Israel.

And many Muslims say the following about Eesa.

  1. Living in heaven
  2. One who will soon appear before the Day of Resurrection
  3. Comes back to earth to defeat the false Messiah
  4. Became a Muslim leader after destroying the false Messiah
  5. Unite the Ummah (community of followers of Islam)
  6. Muslim drives away Judeo-Christian claims about him
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