The Anunnaki: Exploring Ancient Sumerian Legends

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Have you ever heard of the Anunnaki?

This mysterious group of deities, mentioned in ancient Sumerian texts, is shrouded in mystery, with some believing they were extraterrestrial beings who visited Earth thousands of years ago.

The Anunnaki are mentioned in various ancient Sumerian writings and are believed to have had a major impact on the development of early civilizations.

Many theories have been proposed about their existence, from the simple to the more fantastic.

In this article, we will explore the Anunnaki, examining the legends and their potential impact on human history!

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Who is Anunnaki?

The Anunnaki were the gods who lived in the following cities.

They descended from Anu and Ki, the gods of the sky and the earth, and decided what happened to people.

Anunnaki etymology

Anunnaki is a group of gods in Sumerian mythology, believed to have created humans and ruled over the land.

They were powerful gods who could use their powers to help or harm humans.

One of the oldest gods was Enlil, who was believed to be the god of air and the leader of all the gods.

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Enlil was the one who separated the sky and the earth, with his father Anu carrying away the sky.

The Sumerians believed that.

Anunnaki characteristics

The Anunnaki were gods in ancient Mesopotamia who were believed to have special powers and wear special clothes.

The following are the characteristics of the Anunnaki.

  • They were bigger than humans.
  • Their clothes had gold and silver decorations.
  • They wore horned caps.

In ancient Mesopotamia, it is believed that the gods lived in Heaven and had:

  • Statues that were taken care of by priests
  • Special boats and chariots that were used to take their statues to battles
  • A special assembly where the gods made decisions

Summary of Anunnaki Myths

There are different Mesopotamian myths that tell the story of the Anunnaki.

Below is a summary of each myth.

Sumerian mythology

The Anunnaki were important gods in ancient Sumerian culture.

They were believed to be descendants of the sky god An (Anu was called An in Sumer) and were very powerful and important.

In one story, seven Anunnaki were judges and decided whether someone was guilty or not.

And they were known as the "seven gods who decree" and included

  1. An
  2. Enlil
  3. Enki
  4. Ninhursag
  5. Nanna
  6. Utu
  7. Inanna

They had great powers and helped the people of Sumer.

Also, they sang hymns of praise and even determined what would happen to people.

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Many gods lived in different cities, and each god was responsible for protecting their city.

The ancient Sumerians believed that.

In Sumerian mythology, different gods were connected to different parts of the sky, such as:

  • Inanna: the goddess of Venus
  • Utu: the sun god
  • Nanna: the moon god
  • An: the god of all the stars in the sky
  • Enlil: the god of the stars in the Northern sky
  • Enki: the god of the stars in the Southern sky

Akkadian mythology

The Anunnaki were gods that lived in the Underworld in ancient times.

They were described in a poem from thousands of years ago,

They drank water with the queen of the Underworld and were asked to sit on golden thrones.

Babylonian mythology

In the Old Babylonian Period there were two sets of gods: the Anunnaki and the Igigi.

The Igigi had to do hard work for the Anunnaki for 40 days, but then the Igigi rebelled and the Anunnaki made humans replace them.

The Anunnaki were gods from a long time ago in ancient Babylon.

They were split into two groups, one that lived in the underworld and one that lived in the sky.

The underworld gods were

and the most powerful god was Marduk.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is an old story about Utnapishtim, who survived a big flood.

Ishtar and the Anunnaki, who are like judges of the Underworld, were sad when the flood destroyed the people.

In the Babylonian Enūma Eliš, Marduk created the Anunnaki, gods who lived in heaven and the underworld.

Enūma Eliš is the Babylonian creation myth (named after its opening words).{alertInfo}

Anunnaki thanked him by having them build a temple for him and two other gods.

The Anunnaki were also described as the brothers of Nergal, a god, and could be mean to people.

Assyrian mythology

Marduk led an army of gods called Anunnaki and caused a flood in the city of Nippur.

The gods of Nippur had to take shelter in a temple but then Marduk's messenger alerted another god, Nabu.

Marduk then defeated the  Eshumesha temple's gods and took 360 of them as prisoners of war, including Enlil.

The gods had a trial and then Damkianna (another name for Ninhursag) warned them not to have another war.

Hurrian and Hittite myths

In ancient Hurrian and Hittite myths, there were gods who were believed to have been banished to the Underworld by younger gods.

They were ruled by the goddess Lelwani and called the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki were important, as they were sworn by in treaties to make sure people kept their promises.

In one story, they were able to help defeat a giant by finding a special weapon.

The ancient people of Hurrian and Hittite believed in eight gods.

They had special rituals to talk to the gods and asked for their help with things like purification.

They also sacrificed a piglet in a pit in the ground.

The Hittite story is about gods and their fathers.

The father god was called Anu and he was castrated by his son Kumarbi.

In a similar story, the Greek poet Hesiod wrote about a father god called Uranus who was castrated by his son Cronus.

Anunnaki conspiracy theory

There are those who preach conspiracy theories that the Anunnaki were actually aliens.

What kind of person is advocating conspiracy theory?

Let's go and see!

Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken wrote books about how he believed aliens visited Earth in the past.

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Aliens made people believe in religions and wrote stories about it in old books.

He thought that.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin wrote a book in 1976 called The Twelfth Planet.

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A long time ago, an alien species called the Anunnaki came to Earth.

He said that.

They wanted to mine gold, so they used special technology to create humans to help them.

The Anunnaki had to leave Earth when a big flood came, so they taught humans how to farm, so they could help rebuild when the aliens came back.

Ronald H. Fritze

According to an author named Ronald H. Fritze,

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The ancient pyramids and monuments were built by aliens called Annunaki.

Some people believe that.

This idea was written about in some books by Sitchin.

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The aliens would come back in 2012.

He thought that.

However, other people disagree and say his ideas are not true.

David Icke

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A secret group of reptilian aliens called the Anunnaki control the world.

David Icke believes that.

He wrote books about his theory and made a movie about it.

Some people think the idea is silly, but others think it could be true.

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