China's Role in Resolving the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

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China has been playing an increasingly significant role in international affairs, particularly in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

Recently, it has also shown interest in resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with its top diplomat, Wang Yi, expressing an interest in brokering a peace deal.

While this development has been welcomed by many, others have raised questions about China's motives and diplomatic capabilities.

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China's Growing Relationship with Russia

China has emerged as Russia's most important trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching a record high of $190 billion in 2022.

China's increasing purchases of Russian oil and gas have helped offset Western sanctions' impact on Russia's economy.

As part of their plans to expand energy ties, the two countries have agreed to build a new gas pipeline, the Power of Siberia 2.

However, there are concerns that Chinese firms may be providing "lethal support" to Russia and selling hi-tech products that could be used for military purposes, despite China denying any such claims.

China's role as Russia's main strategic partner raises suspicions about its motives as a peace broker.

China's 12-Point Plan for Resolving the Conflict

China has released a 12-point plan to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, coinciding with the first anniversary of Russia's invasion.

Experts believe that China has much to gain from playing a role in ending the conflict, including bolstering its strategic position and showing itself as a responsible peacemaker.

Financial reasons also exist, as China's leaders are concerned about the impact of protracted war on the global economy and want to restore dynamism in China's post-COVID economy.

However, China's plan is unlikely to be used as a roadmap for peace, as it calls for an end to sanctions while Russian forces remain on Ukrainian soil.

This has raised doubts about China's understanding of the complex issues involved in the conflict and its diplomatic capabilities.

Challenges Faced by China

While China's involvement in Ukraine's conflict sends positive signals, it remains to be seen whether it can successfully navigate the diplomatic hurdles involved in brokering a peace deal.

Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has repeatedly ruled out any settlement that gives up territory, making the prospect of a compromise uncertain.

Moreover, China's position is incompatible with Western perspectives, as it has refused to condemn Russia's invasion and echoes its justifications for threats to its sovereignty.

This has raised questions about China's ability to balance its interests with those of the international community.


China's role as a potential peace broker in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has both positive and negative implications.

While its involvement could lower the negotiation threshold and get Ukraine and Russia talking to each other, doubts remain about China's motives and diplomatic capabilities.

Whether China can successfully navigate the complex issues involved and broker a lasting peace deal remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, its involvement in the conflict has highlighted its growing influence on the international stage.

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