What is the Achaemenid Empire history?

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The Achaemenid Empire refers to the following that existed in the ancient Orient, which is now the Middle East and Egypt.

  • Dynasty
  • Empire
  • Nomadic state

Achaemenid Empire is simply called the "Persian Empire".

The Persians built it and unified the Orient world.

Although it became a vast world empire during the reign of Darius the Great, it was finally destroyed by the expeditionary forces of Alexander the Great.

I will discuss the history of Achaemenid Persia in more detail!

Cyrus the Great

When Cyrus the Great was born, Achaemenid Persia was only a small kingdom attached to the Kingdom of Media.

The Kingdom of Media was a major power along with Egypt and Neo Babylonia.

Cyrus II ascended to the throne as the seventh king of Persia, and later revolted against Media and destroyed it.

He also destroyed other countries including Neo Babylonia.

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Cambyses II

After the death of Cyrus the Great, his son Cambyses II ascended the throne, annexed Egypt, and unified the ancient Orient.

However, he failed to invade Ethiopia.

Then Cambyses II murders his brother Smerdis.

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After the death of Cambyses II, many things happened, and as a result, Darius the Great became the next king.

Darius the Great

After Darius the Great ascended to the throne, he was forced to put down rebellions that broke out all over the empire.

Together with his son, Xerxes I, he planned the conquest of Greece and launched the Greco-Persian Wars.

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After the death of Darius the Great, the Greco-Persian Wars continued.

His son, Xerxes I also fought several times against the Greek allied forces, but in the end, the war ended in failure.

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Fall of the Persian Empire

The Persian Empire had enormous wealth that the Greeks envied.

After the Peloponnesian War, the Persian Empire used its wealth to interfere in the Greek world.

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Let the Greeks fight each other and aim where they fall together.

Such was the ruse in the Persian empire.

On the other hand, the internal politics of the Persian Empire was plagued by rebellions in Asia Minor.

There was also a struggle for the succession to the throne.

Then, in the reign of Darius III, the last king, he was defeated in the Battle of Gaugamela against Alexander the Great.

At the same time, Achaemenid Empire also fell.

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Achaemenid Empire fell, but Alexander the Great married the daughter of Darius III.

Alexander the Great Image

I will take over the Achaemenid system of governance.

He was attempting to do so.

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There are still numerous other histories of the Mesopotamian civilization.

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