Who is Moses in Islamic summary?

Images of Moses

When you think of Moses, don't you have a strong image of Christianity?

Moses may be familiar to Jewish people as well, since he appears in the "Book of Exodus" of the Old Testament, one of the books of the Bible.

The story of Moses in the Old Testament "Book of Exodus" is described in detail here.

What is "Exodus"? A Brief Synopsis of Moses!

Please take a look if you like.

But Moses is actually an important figure for Islam as well.

What on earth does that mean?

I hope to explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Moses in the Quran

Some of you may have at least heard of the Quran (Koran), the sacred book of Islam.

In fact, Moses also appears in the Quran.

Moses is mentioned in so many places, especially in Chapter 28, which is the entire story of Moses.

In the Quran, Moses is said to have been born and raised in Egypt and later heard the voice of God in the "holy valley".

To the Pharaoh of Egypt,

Prophet image

Have faith in the One God...!

He asked for it and performed a miracle that turned a staff into a snake to convey the greatness of God.

However, Pharaoh rejected him, and he left Egypt with the Israelites.

The story of the Exodus is basically the same as the "Book of Exodus" in the Old Testament, in which God gave the Torah (law) to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai (called Mount Moses in Arabic).

This Torah is the Ten Commandments.

Please see the separate article on the Ten Commandments of Moses.

What are the Ten Commandments of Moses?

It seems that the story of Moses as depicted in the Quran is exactly the same as in the Old Testament Book of Exodus, where Moses led the people out of Egypt.

Moses as a Prophet

Both Moses in the Old Testament and Moses in the Quran are exactly the same in that they are prophets who hear the voice of God.

However, in Islam, Moses is considered the greatest of all prophets other than Muhammad.

People image

The One Who Speaks to God (Kaleemullahu)

That's what people call Moses by another name.

Moses is considered one of the five great prophets of Islam.

The five prophets of Islam are

  1. Noah (Nuh)
  2. Abraham (Ibrahim)
  3. Moses (Moses)
  4. Jesus (Iesa)
  5. Muhammad

These are the five great prophets of the world.

But although Moses was such the great prophet,

Jews did not listen to him and worshipped idols.

The Quran describes it this way.

Critical references to Jews who disobeyed Moses, God's chosen prophet, are

Scholarly image

one of the factors contributing to historical Muslim hostility toward Jews.

It has been pointed out that.

Moses conducts intellectual pursuits

One characteristic of Moses that is not depicted in the Old Testament is that he was intellectually inquisitive.

There is a story in the Quran in which Moses, seeking knowledge, took his followers to see a wise man and asked him to teach him.

It seems that between the escape from Egypt and Moses' death, he was also on a journey of intellectual pursuit.

The Quran and the Old Testament

The first major point is that Moses was a great prophet of God in both the Quran and the Old Testament.

And he led the Israelites out of Egypt.

I am sure of these two points.

And why is the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt portrayed so prominently in the two scriptures?

This is a guess, but I think it is probably because Egypt believed in polytheism.

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam

All have one God in common, despite the differences in their scriptures.

The fact that a people who believed in one God (the Israelites) parted company with a people who believed in polytheism (the Egyptians) must have been significant enough for the teachings of each.

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