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Do you know the stories of the "Noah's Ark" in the Old Testament?

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I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is!

I'd like to share the quick story for those of you out there!

What is Noah's Ark?

Many people think of the Flood when they hear of Noah's Ark.

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Why did Noah have to build the Ark?

From Here, it will be a rough summary of the story.

Noah's Ark Synopsis

Once upon a time, God, who was looking at the humans living on earth, said this.

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Humans these days are slack! They must be punished once and for all.

God thought about how to punish them.

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Yes! I have an idea!

God thought of flooding the earth and washing away the depravity of mankind.

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I thought of a great idea, a flood. But I don't want all humans and animals to die... Let Noah, whose faith was particularly strong, build the Ark. And if we put the mates (male and female) of all animals on the Ark, we will be able to preserve the species. Yes, that is good!

God then commanded Noah to build the Ark.

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Is it true that the flood will wash away the earth!?

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Yes, it is true. That is why I want you to build an Ark to protect all species.

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I am already 600 years old!

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I know! But you can do it! You can carry your children and their wives in the Ark!

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So my relatives can ride on the Ark.... Well then, I'll do my best!

Noah worked hard to build the Ark as God had told him.

Then, he completed a three-story Ark with many small rooms inside.

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All right, it's done! And here we must put all the mates and relatives of the animals...

Noah succeeded in getting his wife, three sons and their wives, a total of eight people and all animal mates onto the Ark.

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Wait, Dad, is there really a flood?

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Hey, you know, this place smells really bad.

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Why are there lions here? It's not good!

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You guys, shut up! Something worse is about to happen. God's word is absolute!

Noah's prophecy was true, the flood came to the earth, and it lasted for 40 days.

40 days later, Noah released the raven from the Ark.

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Dad, what are you doing?

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Well, I was just checking to see if the water had receded.... No good... He's back.

The raven Noah released came back immediately, as if it had nowhere to rest its wings.

Noah tried again with a pigeon, but the result was the same.

Seven days later, Noah again released the pigeon from the Ark.

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...Mwah, it's back. Huh? But it's holding something in its mouth.

The pigeon came back with an olive leaf in its mouth.

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All right, all right, that means the olive tree is somewhere in there. Soon the water should recede. When this pigeon does not return to the Ark, that is when the water has completely receded.

Then, another seven days later.

Noah's pigeon finally stopped coming back.

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All right! Let's get off the boat!

Noah, along with his relatives and all the animals, landed on the ground where the waters had receded.

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Thanks to you, Dad, we were able to save ourselves from the flood.

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You should be thanking God, not me. Here, let's build an altar!

Noah built an altar on the land and made a burnt offering to God.

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Noah and his sons, I give thanks!

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I have seen what you have done. I promise you that I will never again cause a flood that destroys all living things!

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Thank you, God!

God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant.

And from then on, God would never again cause a flood that would destroy all living things.

Did Noah's Ark exist?

The story of Noah's Ark sounds like a fantasy, but in fact, what appears to be the remnants of Noah's Ark have been found.

It is said that Noah's Ark stopped at Mount Ararat (a mountain in Turkey) at the time of the flood, and there have been reports from the Turkish Air Force and other sources.

Recently, in 2010, a piece of wood that looked like Noah's Ark was discovered near the summit of Ararat, and according to carbon dating, it is said to have been around the same time as 4800 years ago when Noah's Ark was said to have wandered.

Fantasy or reality?

I think that is another interesting aspect of Noah's Ark.

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