What is Book of Esther about? Explain the summary!

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The Book of Esther is one of the books in the Old Testament that features a woman named Esther as its main character.

In the Bible, there is actually another book, Ruth, that uses a woman's name as the title of a book like the Book of Esther.

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So, what is the story of the Book of Esther?

Before I begin with the synopsis, let me explain a little about the main character, Esther.

Esther was a Jewish girl who had lost her parents.

Her cousin Mordecai took her in to live with him.

Esther was a very beautiful woman.

The story begins with Esther being discovered by the king.

Looking for a royal bride

Xerxes I, the king of Persia, was having a feast one day.

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My wife, Queen Vashti, is very beautiful. I would like to show her to you.

Thus, Xerxes I told Queen Vashti to come to the feast,

Queen image

I don't want to go.

Like this, Queen Vashti refused the proposal.

King image

Are you kidding me?

The king was so angry that he had the queen disqualified and started to look for a new wife.

He had beautiful maidens gathered from all over the country.

One of them was Esther.

King image

What a beautiful girl!

The king liked Esther more than anyone else, and she became queen.

Mordecai, saving the king

One day Mordecai, Esther's cousin and foster father, saw two officials near the gates of the royal palace.

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Xerxes I is a really terrible king. If we don't kill him...

What a surprise, these two were planning to kill the king.

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Oh no... I have to tell this to Esther...

Mordecai told Esther about this and Esther informed the king, so the king's life was spared.

The two officials were then executed.

At this time, Mordecai and Esther were trying not to reveal that they were Jews.

Appearance of Haman

Xerxes I placed Haman, an Agagite (some say Macedonian), in a high position.

King image

Everyone should kneel and salute Haman.

Xerxes I had issued such the proclamation, but Mordecai did not obey it.

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What the hell is that guy! Why won't he obey me!

Haman became angry, and when he found out that Mordecai was a Jew, he began to hate the Jewish people.

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Okay, let's kill all the Jews!

Haman immediately took it up with King Xerxes and succeeded in drawing up an official document on the murder of the Jews.

Esther's Determination

Many Jews were in despair when they learned of this.

Esther was also shocked when she learned the truth from Mordecai.

However, she said,

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To meet the king without permission is, in the worst case scenario, punishable by death. So, I cannot approach the king.

Mordecai then said,

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You must have become queen for this moment.

Then Esther made up her mind.

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Tell the Jews to fast for three days and three nights. I will also fast with the court ladies. And when it is over, I will go to see the king.

Esther decided to risk her life to take action to protect the Jews.

Haman's execution

Haman, who knew nothing, was in a good mood.

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Put up a pillar over there. Let's hang Mordecai there and execute him.

Esther got the king to promise a feast where she could sit with Haman.

Then, she exposed Haman's evil deeds.

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King, I am Jewish. How can I let the same people die when they are about to be killed? And Mordecai, whom Haman is now trying to kill, saved your life in the past. Please think about it!

Upon Esther's confession, the king decided to execute Haman.

King image

Just in time. You see that pillar over there that was erected to execute Mordecai? Haman. I will execute you on that pillar.

Thus, Haman was executed.

Haman's property belonged to Esther and Mordecai.

Esther also succeeded in obtaining permission to rewrite the official documents of the massacre of the Jews, saving many Jewish lives.

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