Summary of the Book of Jeremiah in the Bible

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The Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament describes the prophecies made by the prophet Jeremiah.

The Book of Jeremiah is considered one of the three major prophetic books, along with Isaiah and Ezekiel.

For this reason, Jeremiah is considered one of the most important prophets of the Old Testament era.

So what exactly did he prophesy?

Let's take a quick look!

Jeremiah Becomes a Prophet

Jeremiah was a young man when he was called by God to be a prophet.

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I am too young to be a prophet. Please God, let me decline!

Jeremiah said so, but God did not think it was a good idea.

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Jeremiah, you can do it. Please fulfill your mission as a prophet.

Thus, Jeremiah would live as a prophet.

Jeremiah's Prophetic Activity

Jeremiah's prophecy was about "the plague from the north."

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Do not we all neglect our faith in God? This act of not having faith in God, this separation from God, will surely bring calamities from the north. Please, all of you, repent!

Concerning this Jeremiah prophecy of the plague from the north,

These incidents were subsequently realized.

Jeremiah, who provokes antipathy

Jeremiah's prophecy was met with hostility from many Israelites.

In Jeremiah's day, there was a group of professional prophets who prophesied optimistically, and the people supported them.

People are inclined to support those who say things that don't hurt their ears.

Thus, Jeremiah was gradually persecuted.

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God, why am I going through this? I am only sharing Your Word with the people. But instead of listening to my words, they believe the words of the unrighteous and attack me. What should I do, God?

Jeremiah was distressed by the reality of a society in which the righteous suffer and the unjust prosper.

Nebuchadnezzar II is coming

Meanwhile, Nebuchadnezzar II, the king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, arrived in Jerusalem.

For more information on Nebuchadnezzar II, please see this article.

Nebuchadnezzar II invaded Jerusalem.

However, Jeremiah called Nebuchadnezzar II a "servant of God".

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This warfare of Israel is the will of God

Because he prophesied like this, he was violently attacked by his fellow Jews.

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Jeremiah! You take the side of the enemy!

Jeremiah was just telling the word of God, but the people did not stop.

In fact, the prophet Uriah, who had told the people the same thing, was actually murdered at the hands of the king.

The Fall of the Jerusalem Palace

The second invasion of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed the Jerusalem Temple and completely destroyed Jerusalem.

At that time, Jeremiah was in prison.

However, Jeremiah continued to operate in Jerusalem under the blessing of Gedaliah, the governor.

However, when Gedaliah was assassinated, he was forcibly taken to Egypt by a group who insisted on fleeing Egypt.

Even in such the desperate situation, it is said that the prophecy Jeremiah was telling was hope for the future.

It is said that many of Jeremiah's words spoken in the Book of Jeremiah were recorded by Baruch, Jeremiah's disciple.

Thus, the prophet Jeremiah had a tumultuous life.

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