A Guide To Parvati: The Hindu Goddess


Parvati is one of the most revered Hindu goddesses, revered for her immense power and love.

A goddess of love, fertility, and devotion, Parvati is a source of strength and guidance for many Hindus.

Let`s, explore the depths of Parvati and find out how she can enrich your life.

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Who is Parvati?

She is the goddess of power, energy, love, beauty, and motherhood.

She is the wife of the Hindu god Shiva and is the mother of two Hindu gods, Ganesha, the god of learning, and Kartikeya (Skanda), the god of war.

Parvati made a statue of Ganesha out of turmeric paste and made it alive.

If you want to know more about Ganesha, please read this article.

Parvati is associated with many names, such as

  • Uma: Kind woman
  • Aparna: Daughter of Himavat
  • Haimavathi: Mother

And also, Parvati is a Hindu goddess who is considered to be the daughter of the king of the mountains, King Himavan.

She is known by many names and is associated with mountains and fertility.

Parvati was associated with other mountain gods like

  • The Vedic gods Agni
  • Wind gods Vayu
  • Sky gods Varuna
  • Goddess Durga
  • Goddess Kali

Parvati is a fierce goddess who wields a sword and protects her followers.

In addition, she is known as

  • The golden one (Gauri)
  • The dark one (Kali or Shyama)
  • The goddess of ripened corn and fertility

Parvati is also known to help people with their spiritual journey and to protect them from evil.

Teej is a festival celebrated by Hindu women in India and Nepal and people go to temples.

They pray to Parvati the goddess of marriage for a good husband or for the well-being of their husbands.

Girls wear green clothes and play on swings, and sing songs.

What does Parvati look like?

Parvati is often depicted with two or four arms wearing a red dress and a head-band.

She often holds

  • Trident
  • Mirror
  • Rosary
  • Bell
  • Dish
  • Goad
  • Sugarcane stalk
  • Flowers

Parvati symbolizes the union of masculine and feminine energy and is often represented with a yoni and a linga.

Yoni is a symbol of the goddess Shakti and is shown with linga, which symbolizes Lord Shiva.

* Shakti is the root of the universe in Hinduism or Indian philosophy.

If you want to know more about the yoni and linga, which are symbols of Lord Shiva,

please read this article.

In some depictions, she is also shown

  • Making hand gestures called mudras
  • Wearing golden or yellow skin (symbolizing her as the goddess of ripened harvests)
  • Rides on a tiger or lion
  • Parrot: symbolizes (cheerful love talk, fertility, and seeds)

The Role of Parvati in Hinduism

Parvati is a Hindu goddess known for her different forms.

She can use her power to fight demons and protect people.

For example, she took the form of Durga to fight a demon called Durgamasur.

Here are some famous forms.


Durga is an important form of Devi, the Hindu goddess.

She is worshiped in nine different forms and is remembered as the one who killed the demons.


Kali is a powerful goddess who represents courage, change, and time.

She is worshiped all over India and is the source of many energies.

And she is the active form of Mahadevi who is the supreme goddess, which is a powerful force.

*Mahadevi means “great goddess”.


Shakambari is a goddess who helped people in need.

She changed forms to help defeat demons and make sure everyone had enough food and water.

She is the Goddess of vegetables and organic food and also made sure there was enough water during a drought.

Legends of Parvati

The Puranas tell the tale of Sati's marriage to Shiva against her father's wishes.

* Purana literature is a general term for Hindu scriptures. It means "old tale".

Her father and Shiva got into a conflict.

One day, her father did not invite Shiva to his yagna (a ritual performed in front of a sacred fire).

Her father insulted Shiva when Sati came to yagna.

As a result, she immolated herself at the ceremony.

This shocks Shiva, who is so grief-stricken that he loses interest in worldly affairs, and isolates himself in the mountains.

Sati is reborn as Parvati, the daughter of the king of the mountains, King Himavan.

She came to think

Parvati image

I want to get married to shiva.

She did many things to make him interested in her until he finally accepted her and they got married.

Parvati and Shiva then had two children, Kartikeya and Ganesha.

Parvati is a symbol of many virtues important in Hindu tradition, like loyalty and devotion to her spouse.

Shiva and Parvati are often seen in stories and pictures and they are seen as powerful and loving.

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