What is the Book of Exodus all about?

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Moses is famous for the scene where the sea breaks.

The scene is depicted in the Old Testament "Book of Exodus".

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Why did Moses have to flee Egypt?

Some of you may be wondering so.

This article will provide a synopsis of Moses' life as depicted in the Book of Exodus.

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Moses is swept away by the Nile River

The story begins with the birth of Moses.

Moses was born from the parents who were from the tribe of Levi, the Israelites (also called Hebrews here).

  • Father: Amram
  • Mother: Jochebed

Moses also had an older brother and an older sister.

At the time of Moses' birth, the Pharaoh (king) of Egypt thought

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There are too many Hebrews these days. We can't have any more Hebrews, so let's kill the Hebrew boys who will be born in the future.

And just like that

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Kill all Hebrew boys!

The order to kill Hebrew boys was issued.

Moses should have been killed as well, but he was raised in hiding.

However, it reached its limit and Moses was swept into the Nile River.

Moses was placed in a basket and floated down the river.

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What is that?

It was the Pharaoh's princess who saved Moses.

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A boy is coming from the river.

The princess pulled Moses out of the river.

She named the boy "Moses" (Hebrew for "lift up").

And thanks to the resourcefulness of Moses' sister, his own mother, Jochebed, was able to be hired by the princess as a nanny.

Moses Kills a Man

Growing up, Moses one day saw an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew.

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What are you doing!

Moses managed to help the Hebrews.

Then Moses accidentally killed the Egyptian.

Pharaoh image

Catch that murderer!

This murder was discovered by Pharaoh, and Moses, whose life was threatened, fled to the land of Midian (Arabian Peninsula).

There he married a shepherdess named Tzipora, and Moses himself lived there as a shepherd.

Moses is spoken to by God

One day, Moses, who was living peacefully as a shepherd, had an experience in which God spoke to him from inside the "burning bush".

God image

Moses, you have a mission. You are to lead the Hebrew people to the Promised Land.

Prophet image

Oh, my God!

God image

Don't worry, you can do it! I will give you three signs in case you are ever doubted as a prophet.

And God gave Moses the following three signs.

  1. A stick turns into a snake.
  2. Hands turn white like snow due to leprosy.
  3. The waters of the Nile will turn to blood.
Prophet image

Thank you, God. I will do my best to fulfill my mission!

God image

Well, I look forward to working with you!

Thus, Moses was handed down a mission from God to lead the Israelites.

Moses uses "A stick turns into a snake"

After receiving the mission from God, Moses and his brother Aaron immediately went to see Pharaoh and asked for permission for the Hebrews to leave Egypt.

Prophet image

I have been entrusted by God. I am a prophet. And here is the proof! My stick has turned into a snake.

Moses immediately demonstrated "The stick turned into a snake" given to him by God.

But Pharaoh was not surprised.

Pharaoh image

Even our sorcerers can do that!

Prophet image


In the end, Pharaoh did not allow the Hebrews to leave Egypt.

The Ten Plagues happen to Egypt

When the sign "The stick turned into a snake" failed, Moses next used "The waters of the Nile will turn to blood".

This triggered the "Ten Plagues", which are said to be God's acts against Egypt.

The "Ten Plagues" are the following ten.

  1. Turning the waters of the Nile into blood
  2. Releasing frogs
  3. Release the gnats
  4. Sends forth flies
  5. Spreads pestilence among livestock
  6. causes boils
  7. Sends hail
  8. releases a large number of grasshoppers
  9. Cover Egypt with darkness
  10. Killing all the firstborn sons

The last "kill all the firstborn" was the indiscriminate murder of all Egyptian firstborns, including the Pharaoh's sons.

Due to these calamities,

Pharaoh image

It can't be helped, the Hebrews can leave Egypt.

The Hebrews were allowed to leave Egypt by Pharaoh.

Festival celebrating the exodus from Egypt

On the night of their departure from Egypt, the Hebrew people ate lamb and yeastless bread (called seedless bread) as God had instructed.

God then commemorated this event.

God image

As we will do in the future.

God commanded them to do so in the future.

This became "Passover," which is still celebrated by Jews today.

Please refer to the following article for a summary of Jewish festivals including Passover.

What are the three major festivals of Judaism?

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Christians also consider this event as a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ's death on the cross.

Now, when the Hebrews, including Moses, left Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent an army of chariots and cavalry.

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Hey, Mr. Moses, enemy soldiers are on their way! This is not what we heard!

Prophet image

Let's run away!

However, as Moses and his men advanced to shake off their pursuers, a hopeless scene unfolded before their eyes.

Prophet image

The sea...

There was only the vastness of the sea spread out before their eyes.

Moses performs a miracle by splitting the sea

The people were in a desperate state of being driven into the sea.

People image

If we had to do this, we would have been better off as slaves in Egypt.

Some of them even complained.

At that moment, Moses raised his stick.

Then the waters of the sea split wide open.

People image

Hey, what's going on! The water is breaking! With this, we might be able to cross the sea!

The people rushed across the sea.

However, the soldiers of Pharaoh who followed them could not cross the sea and were swallowed up by the sea.

Moses Receives the Ten Commandment

The people who were able to safely throw off their pursuers continued to walk through the wilderness.

As they approached Mount Sinai, God appeared to Moses on the mountain and gave him the Ten Commandments.

The story of Moses in "Book of Exodus" ends when he receives these Ten Commandments.

Moses' final days are depicted in the Old Testament "Book of Deuteronomy", but in the end, Moses was unable to enter the Promised Land and died at the age of 120.

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After the death of Moses, his follower Joshua, son of Nun, succeeded him and led the people.

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