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What You Need to Know about the Book of Psalms

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There are indeed 150 Psalms in the Old Testament.

All of these psalms are portrayed as psalms of praise to Yahweh, God.

For more information about Yahweh, please see this article.

In this article I will briefly explain the Old Testament "Psalms!"

What are the Psalms?

Most of the verses in the Psalter can be categorized as follows.

  • Psalms used in worship services, etc.
  • Psalms of thanksgiving to God

Originally accompanied by singing, some of the pieces have been annotated with song study designations.

Currently, there are some attempts to restore the tunes using traditional Jewish instruments.

In traditional Christian denominations, many of the Psalms were sung, and they were composed by a variety of musicians, providing a fertile ground for expression in a wide variety of music.

Who is the author of the Psalms?

So who wrote the Psalms?

According to ancient tradition, many of them are attributed to David.

This is because David's name appears in the titles of 73 of the 150 Psalms.

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David? Who is that?

If you are wondering who is David, please read this article.

But it is rejected by a branch of literary analysis called higher criticism in modern biblical studies.

It is unlikely that David himself would have written such a title as "Poem of David" himself, and if anything, such a poem is that many scholars believe that the poem is dedicated to David.

  • Moses: Torah of Moses and other legal works
  • Solomon: wisdom works such as those leading to the Grimoires (magic books), etc.
  • David: music and songs such as Psalms

These significance of such authority was also considered.

Psalms as Prayer

Each Psalm may be used as a prayer text.

In Judaism and Christianity, the recitation of the Psalms refers to a formalized written prayer, often accompanied by singing (hymns and chants).

Jews recite daily, divided into verses (so that there is a cycle in a week).

Also, at the service in the synagogue (church existence in Judaism), the prescribed psalms are read aloud.

This custom has been carried over to the various Christian denominations, including Catholic Church and traditional Protestantism.

  • Church Prayer
  • The Revised Common Bible Daily Rule (one of the biblical daily rules that specify where in the Bible to be read in the Christian liturgy)
  • Or its equivalent

In this way, the reading of the Psalms is chosen, and it is often read during worship.