The Story of Nehemiah: A Leader for All Times

Image of the reconstruction of Jerusalem

Nehemiah was a man of courage and faith who lived in a time of great turmoil.

He was a leader who rose above the difficulties of his day to accomplish a great task – rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah’s story is one of courage and faith, and stands as an example of how a leader can face adversity and accomplish great things.

Let's find out more about Nehemiah from various books about his character!

Who is Nehemiah?

Nehemiah was a man who lived a long time ago and helped rebuild the city of Jerusalem.

He was a governor of the Persian Empire and his name means "God comforts".


The story about him is real and that it is an important part of history.

Scholars think that.

Book of Nehemiah narrative

Nehemiah was a leader who helped rebuild Jerusalem.

He asked the king for permission to go and fix the broken walls, and the king gave him letters and supplies to help.

He faced many enemies, but he worked quickly and managed to rebuild the walls in just 52 days.

Nehemiah helped to bring people back to the city and to make sure the Jewish people were following the law of Moses.

He also made sure people were not in debt and that Jewish men were married to Jewish women.

Nehemiah was a leader who was in charge of Jerusalem for 12 years.

He made sure the people followed the rules and did what was right.

When he returned after some time away,

Prophet image

The people had stopped following the rules...

He found that.

He got very mad and made sure everyone followed the rules again.

Book of Maccabees

Nehemiah was a leader who brought the holy fire back to Jerusalem and built a library of holy scriptures.

He was a role model for how leaders should act, and helped establish the synagogue where people could go to learn about the Torah.

Book of Sirach

Ben Sira wrote a poem to honor some special people who did great things.

He mentioned Zerubbabel and Joshua, then Nehemiah who built a lot.

In rabbinic literature

Nehemiah was a person in the Bible who had a special job.

He wrote a book that was added to the Book of Ezra and he also finished the Book of Chronicles.

He was born in Babylon.

People image

He was bragging or being mean to those who came before him.

People thought so.

If you want to know more about the "Book of Nehemiah" written about Nehemiah,

Please read this article.

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