Song of Songs: Bible's Most Passionate Love Poem

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The Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon, is a beautiful and poetic book in the Bible.

It is considered to be one of the five Megillot, or scrolls, in the Hebrew Bible and is part of the Old Testament canon.

The book is a love song that celebrates the deep affection and love between two people, often interpreted as a metaphor for God's love for his people.

Its imagery and language have captivated readers for centuries, making the Song of Songs a unique and cherished part of biblical literature.

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What is Song of Songs?

The Song of Songs, also called the Canticle of Canticles or the Song of Solomon, is a special poem that is found in the Hebrew Bible.

It is unique because it is only about love and happiness between two people, and it does not talk about laws, wisdom or God like other books in the Hebrew Bible.

The poem describes the feelings and emotions between two lovers who are in harmony and desire each other.

The women of Jerusalem also play a part in the poem, acting as an audience to the lovers' love story.

Scholars are not sure exactly when the poem was written, but they estimate it could have been written between 2,000 and 3,000 years ago.

In modern times, Jews read the Song of Songs on the Sabbath during the Passover to celebrate the beginning of the grain harvest and to remember the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Some Jews read it as a story about God and his people, while Christians see it as a story about Jesus and his followers.

Structure of Song of Songs

The Song of Songs is a special poem about love and happiness between two people.

Although the poem does not have a clear plot, it does have a structure that helps organize the different parts of the poem.

The poem is divided into different parts and each part talks about

  • the love between the two people
  • how they feel about each other

Some parts talk about the man describing his lover's beauty, and some parts talk about the woman addressing other people.

At the end of the poem, there is a special section that talks about the love between the two people in a different way.

Synopsis of Song of Songs

The poem called "Song of Songs" is very special and considered the most beautiful of its kind.

The poem starts with a woman who expresses her love and desire for her lover.

A Dialogue Between Lovers

She describes herself as having sun-kissed dark skin, which is compared to the tents of nomads and the curtains of a king named Solomon.

The woman and her lover talk to each other, giving each other compliments and talking about how special their love is.

They talk about their bed being like a cozy place in the forest.

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Don't start a love like theirs until they are ready.

The woman tells the daughters of Jerusalem that.

The Lover's Springtime Visit and Dream

In this part of the poem, the woman recalls a memory of her lover visiting her in the springtime.

She describes his beauty and his life as a shepherd, caring for his flock among the beautiful lilies.

She also talks about her search for her lover through the night-time streets of the city.

She finally finds him and takes him into the special room where she was born.

But then she realizes that this was all just a dream she had while lying in bed at night.

Jewish woman image

Don't start loving someone until they are really ready for it.

She reminds the daughters of Jerusalem again that.

The Lover's Adoration for his Beloved

The next section of the poem describes a royal wedding procession, led by King Solomon.

The man sings the praises of his beloved, describing her physical features and comparing them to beautiful places and things.

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I am enamored with her.

He says that.

And she invites him to come into her "locked garden" and enjoy the fruits there.

A third party encourages them to enjoy each other's company and be filled with love.

A Dream of Loss and Renewed Hope

In this section, the woman shares another dream she had with the daughters of Jerusalem.

In the dream, her lover came to visit her, but when she finally opened the door, he was gone.

She searched for him through the streets, but this time she was unsuccessful and was even beaten by the watchmen.

Desperate to find him, she asks for the help of the daughters of Jerusalem and describes his physical beauty.

Eventually, she realizes that her lover is safe in his garden and committed to her, just as she is committed to him.

Celebrating the Beauty and Love of the Beloved

In this section, the man and woman talk about each other's beauty and they share a special moment together.

The man admires the woman's beauty and plans to enjoy their time together.

Jewish woman image

Meet in the fields.

The woman invites him like this.

Jewish woman image

Don't start a love affair until they are ready.

She reminds the daughters of Jerusalem again that.

Love's Relentless Pursuit

The woman speaks about love, comparing it to death and Sheol.

*Sheol is an ancient Hebrew concept of the underworld or the afterlife where the dead reside. It is often referred to as "hell" or the "abode of the dead" in later Jewish and Christian beliefs.

She describes love as being just as relentless and jealous as these two things.

Jewish woman image

It cannot be stopped by anything.

She says that.

She calls out to her lover, using the same words she has used before, inviting him to come to her like a gazelle or young stag.

Composition of Song of Songs

The poem, titled "Song of Solomon" or "The Song of Songs," is attributed to King Solomon but it is not clear who the author really is or when it was written.

It is believed to have been written in Aramaic language and its date is estimated to be around the 3rd century BCE, centuries after King Solomon.

The poem has elements of festive performance and has connections with

  • Mesopotamian and Egyptian love poetry from the first half of the 1st millennium
  • the pastoral idylls of a Greek poet, Theocritus

There is debate on whether the poem is one single piece or an anthology, with some viewing it as a collection of separate parts and others viewing it as a single poem with repetitions and similarities among its parts.

*An anthology is a collection of literary pieces, such as stories or poems, that have been selected and grouped together because they have a similar theme or style.

The question of its unity or disunity remains unresolved.

The Song of Songs in Judaism

The Song of Songs was accepted into the Jewish scripture in the 2nd century CE after a period of controversy in the 1st century.

Many rabbis initially saw the text as secular love poetry and not worthy of canonization, but it was eventually accepted due to its supposed authorship by Solomon and an allegorical interpretation where the subject matter was seen as God's love for Israel.

*A rabbi is a religious leader and teacher in the Jewish faith who provides guidance and interpretation of Jewish law, tradition, and practice for their community.

The Song is one of the most mystical texts in the Kabbalah, which gave esoteric interpretations to the Hebrew Bible.

*Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism that focuses on understanding the nature of God and the universe through meditation, contemplation, and study. It originated in the 12th century and seeks to bring the practitioner closer to God through hidden knowledge and understanding.

In Kabbalah, God is represented by male and female sephirot emanations.

*Sefirot are ten attributes of God in Kabbalah that represent different aspects of God's character and the creation and sustenance of the universe. They provide a structure for understanding the relationships between God and the cosmos.

In the Song, each represents:

  • The woman: Jewish people
  • The male: God

The text is interpreted as describing

  • the creation of the world
  • the coming of the Messianic age
  • the relationship between God and Israel

It is read on Shabbat Eve and Passover to symbolize this relationship.

In modern Judaism, the entire Song is read in synagogues during the intermediate days of Passover and some Jews recite it before the onset of the Sabbath.

*A synagogue is a place of worship and gathering for the Jewish community, serving as a center for Jewish religious and cultural life. It provides a space for worship services, religious education, and community events.

The Song of Songs in Christianity

The Song of Songs is a biblical text that expresses love and sexual desire between a man and a woman.

Historically, the Christian church has interpreted the Song as an allegory for the love between God and the Church.

This interpretation began with Origen, the greatest theologian of ancient Christianity, and evolved, with different readings emphasizing different elements of the love relationship.

For example, the various readings are as follows:

  • Love between Christ and the Church
  • Reflection of moral values
  • Bride as the Virgin Mary

These interpretations are not found in the text itself, but are derived from a theological reading.

This approach leads to a unique understanding of the relationship between God and man, in which the two partners are equal and bound in a committed relationship.

In modern times, the Song of Songs has attracted the attention of feminist biblical critics.

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