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What is Book of Ezekiel about? Explain the summary!

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The events depicted in the "Book of Ezekiel" in the Old Testament center around the prophet Ezekiel.

The Book of Ezekiel is called one of the three major prophetic books in the Old Testament, along with the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah.

In this article, I would like to explain the prophecies of Ezekiel as described in the book of Ezekiel in an easy-to-understand manner!

The Period of "Ezekiel"

The prophet Ezekiel lived in the period after the Babylonian Captivity by Nebuchadnezzar II.

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Nebuchadnezzar II? Babylonian Captivity? What are those?

If you are wondering so, please see these articles for more information.

In the fifth year of the Babylonian captivity, the prophet Ezekiel was commanded by God to engage in prophetic activities.

Roughly speaking, God's words at that time are as follows.

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Ezekiel, I command you to be sent to the Israelites. The people of Israel have turned against me and are now rebellious people. It's been going on since the days of their ancestors. they are stubborn people. Ezekiel, you can simply say: "Thus says the Lord God".

Thus began Ezekiel's life as a prophet.

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Ezekiel's Prophecy

The first half of Ezekiel's prophecy is a warning to the people of Israel.

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Why are we taking ourselves into Babylonian captivity...

Ezekiel was solemnly preaching about repentance to God.

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God says The Israelites have forgotten God and left him behind you. You must bear the sin of your lewdness and fornication.

It seems that the Israelites at that time engaged in the following acts of unbelief.

  • Worshipped idols
  • Fornication with pagans

Ezekiel warned against them.

Incidentally, the reason why idolatry and adultery are prohibited is that they are prescribed as commandments in the Ten Commandments.

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Ezekiel taught that the destruction of the Jewish kingdom was not because 'God failed to protect the people of Israel' but only because 'God himself chose to bring the deserved consequences for the wickedness in the people of Israel'.

God could have saved the Israelites, but chose not to.

In other words, he preached that the Israelites were driven out of the Promised Land because their faith was wrong.

Ezekiel's Prophetic Hope

Thus, the book of Ezekiel contains many prophecies of unbelief in God.

But on the other hand, the latter half of the book also describes hope.

That hope is simply the following.

Those who repent and turn back to God will be restored.

The prophecy also included provisions for worship and detailed provisions for the future nation in regard to the rebuilding of the temple.

Therefore, the Israelites, who had lost hope after the fall of Jerusalem, heard Ezekiel's prophecy of hope (and a very specific prophecy of national restoration),

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Oh, maybe we can go home!

It is said that the Israelites felt hope that they might be able to return home.

I believe that many Israelites found hope in the words of God that came from Ezekiel.

And so it continued again with the building of the Second Temple and the restoration of the nation.